10 Ways to Self Inspire


  1. Wake up early – No big Surprise here! I think we all have stayed up late, hit snooze on the alarm (maybe more than once) and rushed around to get ready at the last minute. Make today be the day when things change – get a good rest to wake up refreshed, do yoga or go for a run to clear your head, eat an actual breakfast (you can’t live on coffee alone). Your mood will change and details become clearer when it’s time to make decisions
  2. Inspirational Playlist – Put together a list of songs that have powerful and positive lyrics and give that feel good vibe. Listen on your early morning run or on your drive to work, or really anytime you need a jumpstart!
  3. Challenge Yourself – This is a very broad tip, from setting deadlines to get things done around the house, new work out plan/ healthy eating or even getting that new promotion at work. The point is to set a goals, write out the plan and accomplish it! Nothing beats the feeling of achievement and seeing the amazing things you can do.
  4. Change up your perspective – Take a hike to a scenic overlook, go to an aquarium, travel near or far, rearrange your furniture. Look at the world in different ways.
  5. Add adventure into your life – Try something new, read a book, try a new recipe, travel (again lol), meet someone new
  6. Alone Time/ Meditate – Connect with yourself, this is a great time to get out a pen and paper. Write out thoughts, you’ll be surprised what you find out.
  7. Be creative –Paint, garden, cook and DIY your heart out
  8. Change up your style– Cut your hair/ let it grow, wear something that makes you feel great whether it’s an outfit or perfume. Heck, sometimes just shaving my legs on a Sunday makes me feel like I have a sexy secret and boosts my confidence.
  9. Look at the brighter side of things – There are many lessons to learn, stay positive and keep going. The scary or hard things are the most rewarding!
  10. Sometimes to get inspired you have to be inspired! Allow yourself be open to ideas and opportunities. Remember sometimes life presents brilliance in unusual ways.