14 Tips to make the best of any long flight!


  • Seating- Choosing the right seat can make a huge difference whether you want to sleep or be awake on a flight. The aisle seats are ideal if you plan on staying awake, makes it much easier to get up to stretch your legs. While the window seat (my personal favorite), provides the support for sleeping with the best view!
  • Headphones – If you are a music fanatic much like myself or solo traveling, you probably spend most of your flight listening to music or watching movies. Bring noise cancelling over the head headphones like Beats by Dr Dre, they have great sound quality but can become uncomfortable after a couple hours and interfere with neck pillows. I also like to bring the standard earphones that come with iphones to switch it up.

The hustle and bustle of travel can get distracting at times with loud trains, the restless baby on your flight or the sound of the city. Choose what you tune into and check out the ultimate guide to noice cancelling headphones .

*Tip- Traveling with a partner? Save battery on your devices and try a headphone splitter like the Jack Rabbit at Urban Outfitters.

  • Snacks – The air in planes can be dry, stay hydrated with a bottle of water and bring fruit/ granola bars. I always pack instant oatmeal when traveling and keep in my carry on, never know when it might come in handy throughout your trip!

*Tip- Avoid Coffee, energy drinks and excessive amount of alcohol.

  • Large scarves are a great accessory that you can double as as a blanket on cold planes
  • Journal and pen – A long haul flight is the perfect opportunity to think, dream and write. Take full advantage of this time and write about your journey, who you met, where to go next.


  • Kindle – I am in love with my Kindle Fire! Its affordable, you can read books, watch movies, and play games. This is a must on a long haul flight.
  • Get to know your destination- Time to look over maps of the area, plan out where to go and when, last chance to familiarize with culture and language.
  • Neck pillow – Yes please! These are must have and can easily snap onto a carry-on bag or a purse.

*Tip – Purchase before trip, these guys can get pricy in airports.

  • Clothing – Chances are you will be on at least one long flight and speed walking through airport terminals. Wear breathable and comfortable clothing down to your undergarments and socks.
  • Kleenex and Baby Wipes
  • Charger and Adapter- Some planes will have charging areas near each seat and most will be usb. Bring your USB and charging connector in your carry on.

*Tip – Depending on the Country you are traveling to you might need a universal charger adapter

  • Pack Light- Bring only what you need. Try to only take what you would be able to carry around with you for a day and can carry on (such as a tote or small backpack and a duffel bag or small suitcase). Now you don’t have to worry about additional cost for checking baggage (which can differ on limits if you have local international flights) or lost/ damaged baggage.


Last but not least while you are in route to some amazing far away land, relax and enjoy!

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