Traveling with a child can be a fun learning and bonding experience.

Why is Traveling beneficial for Children– Visiting different countries and cultures in many ways teach children things they would not learn in traditional classroom education. What better way to learn about history, geography and other cultures then to see it first-hand. In the day and age of technology we can give them the opportunity to see wonders of the world and enjoy the beauty of nature The older your little one the more they can be involved in the experience.


Things to bring– Passport or proof of citizenship and vaccinations might be required in some cases and based on destination. Check to see what documents are required to travel abroad.


Destinations – Niagara Falls Canada, Barcelona, Paris, Copenhagen, New York, Colorado USA, Grand Cayman Islands, Caribbean Cruises just to name a few!



Seasons– Research weather, peak and shoulder seasons. This can make a BIG difference in price, how busy and things you can do. See what works best for you and your family.

Safe Traveling– Research your destination, learn the language and get excited! Stock up on any medications and invest in traveler’s insurance.



Parents– Just because you have a child or children does not mean traveling can’t happen for you. It is possible and will be an amazing adventure for your child AND you!