Congratulations, you have made it into the New Year! At this point you should have a solid idea of what you want to accomplish this year, right? Who am I kidding, life happens and when it does it creates a constant stream of change. If you are looking for a post that will tell you to stay in your bubble and great things will just fall into your lap, look elsewhere.

Goal setting is not easy but it IS rewarding. Check out these tips to stay on track while accomplishing your goals for a year of success!


#1 Take more time for YOU–  Always moving at 100mph? Slow down. Meditate, practice yoga, cook dinner for one, go hiking, take longer showers, pamper yourself and enjoy every moment of it! Give your body/mind a chance to be inspired, promote health and positivity.

#2 Challenge yourself– Push past your boundaries and do something out of the norm. If you’re a bit shaken and scared at the thought of it, it’s just what you need to do. Will this be uncomfortable? Yes. Will the payoff be freaking amazing? Hell yes! The most challenging circumstances often have the greatest reward. So go on that independent backpacking trip, start your own business, ask the cute neighbor out, learn Mandarin or skydive you freaking badass!

#3 Start Small – Long goals can often appear intimidating at first. Try breaking them down into something achievable short term such as daily, weekly and even monthly goals. This will allow you to get the satisfaction of completing goals and seeing results faster to keep you on track.

#4 Start Today – Goodbye procrastinating Patty’s and hello self-starter Sally’s! Stop putting off changing your life, all it takes is one step at a time.

#5 Change Your View– Perception is reality so enjoy working out or studying hard, put your spin on it to make it a feel-good thing that you want to come back to.

#6 Find your own way- The world is constantly changing around us so why shouldn’t we? The great thing about having control of your goals is you can change how you get there. If you see a better way to complete a task or want to add something into your routine, change it! Just because something works for one person doesn’t always mean that cookie cutter is right for you.


#7 Self Motivate – Learn how to be your own cheerleader. Be a reminder of how awesome you truly are and why you’re doing what you’re doing!

I am blessed with the inability to read more than 30 minutes before nodding off and I’m ok with that. The Kindle Fire has blown my mind (under $50 wtf?!?) and the only way I stay sane. Easy listening while I’m driving, in the shower or cooking dinner. These books are a GAME CHANGER:

#8 Birds of a Feather– Surrounding yourself around like-minded people can make the world of difference, they can be your biggest supporters. These people are great to bounce ideas off of, brainstorm and encourage them as well. Online communities can be a resource too J

#9 Journal – Write down everything! Start with your goal and map out how to get there broken down into smaller milestones. Feeling challenged? Grab your journal and write about it, you will be surprised how much you can learn about yourself.

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Don’t like to waste paper? Try the reusable Rocketbook Smart Notebook, just got mine in the mail today! 


#10 The “D” Word– Yes, I am talking to all you hoarders out there saving gift wrap, clothes from the 11th grade and mascara older than you. Time to Declutter!  The goal is to simplify your life not to be so overwhelmed by stuff, spend more time with friends/ family and spend less time “cleaning” (aka just moving said stuff around).

#11 Good Things Take Time – Dedicate uninterrupted time to work in and on your goal, put it on your calendar, set reminders. Stick to it! Don’t budge on this schedule, this is your time and you owe it to yourself to see it through.

#12 Goal Board– Get your creative juices flowing and make a vision board of what you want to and will accomplish. Put this up in a place you will see daily, otherwise out of sight = out of mind. When your goals are complete you have this great reminder of what you achieved and that feeling of success is unparalleled


# 13 Don’t Compare Yourself to Others – Just that. We can be our worst critic, do your best and treat yourself good you deserve it!

#14 Knowledge is Power – Keep learning during and even after goal success whether it is from others on a similar path, online courses, Google, etc.

#15 Hold Yourself Accountable – Find a system that works for you and celebrate victories!