To get the most out of your trip lists are your secret weapon! Make a list of must see, like to see and * = note free activities. Here are some examples:

Must See

  • Eifell Tower * (optional cost)
  • The Lourve
  • Notre Dame *
  • Arc De Triumph * (optional cost)
  • The Catacombs *
  • Palace of Versaille
  • Musee d’Orsay
  • Sacre-Coeur * (optional cost)
  • Explore art exhibits as you stroll down The Seine River*
  • Parks and Gardens – Parc des Buttes-Chaumont, Tuileries Garden, Champ de Mars and Luxembourg Gardens *
  • Pantheon*
  • Latin Quarter – nightlife, bistros, nightlife

 Like to See/ Do

  • Champs –Elysees *
  • Canal St- Martin*
  • The Centre Pompidou (Avant Garde Multicultural Complex)
  • Opera House
  • Moulin Rouge Caberet Show
  • Sainte Chapelle (Gothic Chapel with Stained Glass) *
  • Guided Walking Tour (at St. Michael in the Latin Quarter and Monmarte)*
  • Pub Crawl (join free pub crawl in Monmarte)*

Paris Pass

If you have the time to research free entry times/days and map out routes the Paris pass is not a necessity. Paris is on the pricier side, however there are a ton of things to see (most are major attractions) and free activities in the city of love!


In most European countries a meal is an event which can last two to three hours compared to the US where it is more of a rushed formality. Meals can end up being a huge cost if not planned properly.

How to not break the bank? Book accommodation with breakfast included, grab a sandwich from a street vendor or picnic in the park for lunch and enjoy a Parisian dinner.


Early Bird

Get the most out of each day by waking up early and starting your day by at least 8 or 9am. The biggest benefit is enjoying a full day and lines are typically shorter first thing in the morning leaving extra time to enjoy more activities!

Getting Around

Paris is a pedestrians dream with tons of easily accessible locations to walk to and from with so much to see in between. In addition, the public transportation system is quick, easy and efficient!

Bus single trip costs €2 if you purchase your ticket on the bus which can get a bit costly. Metro Tickets are available called T+ tickets by a carnet (stack of 10) costing €14,90 at any metro station or other locations that sell cigarettes. Check out more info on Metro Tickets here.

Ask for Help

If you get lost or have a question ask a local, Parisians are often very helpful and friendly. Make an effort to learn at some common phrases and be polite.


Where you stay can make a significant difference in how much time you have for your must see activities and how much you spend on getting around. In theory the less travel time needed = more time and money you have to enjoy your trip.

Choose things like location over luxury, or slightly higher cost in a better location vs lower cost but sacrificing longer travel time.


Lastly, take time to disconnect and put away your devises. Take in the city around you and immerse yourself in the culture.


Notre Dame!!