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What’s in My Camera Bag?

Camera bags come in handy in so many ways. I have a Lowepro Hatchback 16L which I use mostly for personal bag on flights, hiking and trips to the beach. On flights the 16L protects your camera, gives enough space... Continue Reading →

Why haven’t you taken your dream vacation yet?

Have you ever wanted to take a trip to another country or city and find you have a plethora of reasons why it hasn’t happened yet? Sounding something like “I can’t take off of work”, “It’s so expensive”, or “I... Continue Reading →

10 Ways to Self Inspire   Wake up early – No big Surprise here! I think we all have stayed up late, hit snooze on the alarm (maybe more than once) and rushed around to get ready at the last... Continue Reading →

First Trip Abroad: How to Make it Happen

This year inspiring words from a remarkable source resonated with the hunger for adventure in me. She told me “Take the trip now. Work, family, responsibility, it will all still be here when you return”. This gave me the ammunition... Continue Reading →

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